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Resource - Blemish Stick for Teenage Zits and Breakouts

Blemish Stick for Teenage Zits and Breakouts

Prepare your son for dealing with teenage zits and breakouts by arming him with a Prep U Blem Pen, an all-natural blemish stick. The convenient design and pleasant sensation will motivate him to use it regularly, and the price makes it possible for you to ensure he has one available in the car, his nightstand, bathroom, backpack, and duffel. At the first feel of a blemish, he can begin to treat it, helping it clear faster and minimizing the urge to pick at his face.

A Full Skin Care Package

Proper skin care for a teenager requires a full regimen of products, and the Blem Pen should play a role. Prep U offers an entire line of skin care products meant for natural care to minimize breakouts:

  • Prep U Blem Pen
  • Prep U Charcoal Face & Body Scrub
  • Prep U Charcoal Bar Soap
  • Prep U Daily Face Wash
  • Prep U French Green Clay Face + Body Scrub

With a supply of our products and an understanding of how to use them, your son will be well-prepared to take the best possible care of his skin without putting his health in danger. Bear in mind that an important part of the process is to establish habits of independent self-care, and for young men, that may require help with managing time, demonstrations of use, and reminders when appropriate.

Preparation for Puberty’s By-Products

Appropriate preparation is the best predictor of success. Prep U’s ultimate goal is to help moms in their efforts to prepare their sons for successful integration of effective self-care and hygiene into their daily lives. Begun in 2017, Prep U markets our products to young pre-teen and adolescent males. If efforts to teach independent care begin early, your son will avoid the stigma of unmitigated body odor and acne gone unchecked.

Products without Hazardous Chemicals

As time goes on, people are becoming more aware of harmful chemicals used within products. Moms who want natural products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and appropriate for sensitive skin are drawn to products like those we produce at Prep U.

Why the Blem Pen Works

The Blem Pen from Prep U is a skin care product that rolls on conveniently to clean, soothe, heal, and moisturize at one time.

The astringent, antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing properties of the Blem Pen stem from its ingredients.

Breakouts triggered from bacteria, oil, dirt, and sweat that jam pores can be avoided with quality antiseptic. The Blem Pen aids breakout potential by keeping pores clean and lessening the irritation and redness that appear when breakouts do occur. Part of the wonder of the Blem Pen is that it inhibits the pain of inflamed breakouts, so your son will be more likely to abstain from touching his face and popping blemishes.

As the Blem Pen cleans and soothes the face, it will also moisturize. Hydration of the skin is essential to the successfulness of the Blem Pen because it prevents a breakout storm in response to excess dryness.

When your son experiences his first breakout, be sure he’s ready to deal with it by supplying him with a blemish stick for teenage zits and breakouts. Reach out to Prep U to learn more about how the Blem Pen, and other products, can help.

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