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Resource - Blemish Removal Pen with Witch Hazel

Blemish Removal Pen with Witch Hazel


The ultimate job of every mom is to prepare her children for the next phase of life. For boy moms in particular, these efforts can be difficult when it comes to hygiene and self-care. Prep U is here to help with all-natural products, one of which is the Blem Pen, a blemish removal pen made with witch hazel and other gifts from nature.

The genius of this product stems from its design and its effectiveness.

The Blem Pen is a portable pen-like device that your son can use to roll toner onto his face anywhere at any time because he can keep it in his pocket, bag, car, locker, etc. Having it on hand at all times will help him manage pore-clogging oil and acne-related inflammation and resist popping zits.


The Benefits of Keeping Blem Pens at the Ready

    • He’ll be more likely to use it. Every boy mom knows that if the product is not in his line of sight, he won’t even consider applying it. Skin care is not his priority. Having a Blem Pen on him at all times will greatly increase the likelihood that he’ll use it, and once the benefits become clear to him, the use will become a habit, and the product will have a chance to transform the health of his facial skin.
    • Use will be discreet. Beyond being portable, the size of the Blem Pen makes it discreet, a factor that will be very important for your son.
    • The Blem Pen resists bacteria. Within the Blem Pen, several natural ingredients, including witch hazel, have antimicrobial qualities.
    • The Blem Pen can make acne less angry. Acne is often inflamed, red, and painful, but the anti-inflammatory agents in the Blem Pen can reduce these problems.
    • The Blem Pen can clear up excessive oil. The initial cause of acne is often clogged pores due to excessive oil and sweat. Rolling on the Blem Pen toner will clear up these pores and prevent some acne from erupting.
    • The Blem Pen minimizes pores and redness. Acne causes skin irritation. Unfortunately, so do many of the elements that treat it. The Blem Pen provides a balanced formulation that addresses skin irritation.
    • The Blem Pen infuses hydrating qualities into its formulation. One of the primary drawbacks for choosing the Blem Pen is the drying nature of witch hazel. To balance this effect, we inject aloe, grapefruit, and other essential oils into the recipe. Your son can use this product multiple times per day without over-drying his skin.

      If you’re a consumer who cares about how the products you buy affect the greater world, count on Prep U. We use quality, ethically sourced ingredients; avoid animal testing and animal by-products; and employ all-natural ingredients.

      Our product line is entirely free of sulfates, parabens, SLSs, GMOs, propylene glycol, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and synthetic ingredients. As you place an order, rest assured that your son won’t be exposed to any dangerous ingredients.

      Acne is often a chronic condition that doesn’t respond to over-the-counter remedies. In fact, some types of acne will not improve without prescription treatments. If your sons’ issues do not respond to consistent use of skin care products, make him an appointment with a local dermatologist.

      The Blem Pen from Prep U is the ideal blemish removal pen made with witch hazel. It provides natural relief from the pain and embarrassment of the breakouts associated with puberty.


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