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Resource - Best Zit Stick for Breakouts

Best Zit Stick for Breakouts

The day his first zit erupts will be a trying one for your son. The inevitable will come, but if you have a Blem Pen on hand, he’ll feel more in control of the situation. The Blem Pen by Prep U is the best zit stick for breakouts because of its user-friendly design, all-natural composition, and acne-preventing potential.

Introduce a Full Skin Care Regimen

Within the Blem Pen is an effective, all-natural toner. It works as a moisturizer, astringent, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory agent, but it will not manage a breakout situation in isolation. You’ll need to introduce your son to a full skin care regimen and demonstrate how to use the products. Fortunately, Prep U provides age-appropriate, safe, and all-natural products to meet all potential skin care demands.

  • Prep U Blem Pen
  • Prep U Charcoal Face and Body Scrub
  • Prep U Charcoal Bar Soap
  • Prep U Daily Face Wash
  • Prep U French Green Clay Face + Body Scrub

As you reinforce good habits and he sees the results, he’ll take these habits as his own. This method is how he’ll learn independence in self-care and maintain these practices throughout his adulthood.

The Prep U Mission

Consider Prep U to be a university of preparation for young men entering adolescence. Our aim is to provide tween-adolescent males with all-natural products that will help them deal with puberty and the struggles that accompany that period of life. From B.O. to stinky feet and breakouts, Prep U provides products to resolve the products of the transition into manhood.

Prep U was founded in 2017 by a mother of boys who recognized the difficulty of finding natural hygiene and personal care products for this age group and sought to fill the market gap. We want to help moms in their quest to prepare sons for lives of independence, self-respect, and cleanliness.

As part of the Prep U mission, we abstain from the chemicals, animal byproducts, and problematic practices associated with other personal care products. Our all-natural product catalog is safe for sensitive skin, approved by dermatologists, ethically sourced, vegan, and gluten-free. Additionally, you’ll find no sulfates, parabens, SLSs, Propylene glycol, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, or other artificial ingredients within our products. The packaging for our products is BPA-free and appropriate for recycling.

The Workings of the Prep U Blem Pen

A discreet, portable design and effective formula make the Prep U Blem Pen. The formulation is a toner that promotes healthy skin with natural ingredients and rolls on easily. The gentle nature of the toner makes it ideal for use several times per day.

The Blem Pen works in several ways. First, it cleans up the oil and grime that clog pores and trigger acne. When pores are clear, problems with acne become far less likely.

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements of the Blem Pen address the irritation, redness, and pain caused by acne.

Additionally, the Blem Pen contains antimicrobial elements that resist bacteria and moisturizers that promote hydration and counter the drying effects of ingredients like witch hazel.

Are you ready for your son’s first breakout? If not, navigate over to the Prep U  website and stock up on the best zit stick for breakouts, the Blem Pen. It combines natural ingredients with a handy design and an affordable price point.


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