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Resource - Best Way to Prevent Teenage Breakouts

Best Way to Prevent Teenage Breakouts

Pimples and widespread breakouts are common fodder for jokes, insults, and memories related to the teenage years. For adolescents experiencing the problem, it’s no laughing matter. Prep U understands that the best way to prevent teenage breakouts is to establish and follow a regimen of skin care using all-natural products like those we offer for sale.

We at Prep U dedicate ourselves to helping moms prepare their boys for living and caring for themselves independently when it comes to hygiene and self-care. The onset of puberty brings a host of changes from a deeper voice to stronger body odor and acne. Unfortunately, acne is the issue most likely to affect your son’s sense of self and potentially leave scars on his face.

Prevention Is the Best Acne Treatment

Once acne occurs, it often spreads and becomes exponentially worse. Preventing blemishes from the beginning is the best course of action, so an understanding of what causes of breakouts is critical.

Breakouts occur during puberty because of the excesses of oil and sweat that fill pores and allow bacteria to run amok. One zit quickly multiplies into a full-blown breakout, especially if the irritation and inflammation lead him to touch his face and spread the bacteria. Popping pimples, while temporarily pain relieving, leads to scarring and exacerbated breakouts. Without intervention, blemishes become a never-ending cycle blemishes in various stages of forming and healing.

Prep U skin care products for the face, especially the Blem Pen, will help your son keep his pores clear so that blemishes don’t form and minimize the pain, spread, redness, and healing time of existing breakouts.

Early Intervention and Regular Skin Care Work Wonders

The tween years of your son’s life are the best time to begin the conversation about puberty and what’s to come. When the body odor arrives, it will demand that you teach him how to address it, but don’t think that he should accept acne as an unavoidable part of adolescence. He does not have to suffer in silence. Provide him with Prep U products and reinforcement of a routine to avoid breakouts and then help with management to minimize breakouts that do occur.

Prepare for the acne battle with a gentle face wash from Prep U and the Blem Pen. Supply him with several so that he will always have one on hand when he feels a breakout erupt. The natural ingredients, including witch hazel, aloe, and select essential oils, within the Blem Pen will dry up oiliness, limit bacteria, calm redness and pain, and moisturize his face.

One of the primary commitments to our customers at Prep U is the natural, safe composition of our formulations. We steer clear of sulfates, parabens, SLS, glycol propylene, phthalate, artificial fragrance, GMOs, or gluten. We’re Leaping Bunny certified, verifying that we use no animal testing. Our products are also dermatologist approved for sensitive skin as well as cruelty-free and vegan.

The best way to prevent teenage breakouts and prevent them from undermining your son’s self esteem is to teach him how important regular cleansing, detoxifying, and moisturizing is. The Prep U Blem Pen supplies all of these elements to minimize the chance of breakouts and hurry their disappearance when they happen. Order our products online to arm your son in the war with acne.

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