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Resource - Best Sports Bath Soak

Best Sports Bath Soak

The best cure for end-of-the-day muscle aches, growing pains, and anxiety-induced sleeplessness is Prep U Sports Bath Soak. Our perfect formulation of Epsom Salts and beneficial essential oils offers better rest, relief from soreness, improved circulation, and more.

If you’re a boy mom, you’ve likely searched high and low for a line of personal care products geared toward tween and adolescent males. Prep U has taken this need and run with it, developing a line of products made with natural ingredients that effectively handle all the boy odors your son can produce. With our suite of products, you can help your son develop appropriate self-care habits in anticipation of adulthood.

Proudly made in Austin, TX, since 2017, Prep U products contain none of the toxins commonly found in self-care products of today. If you need deodorant, body wash, bath salts, and more for your son made without parabens, dyes, sulfates, aluminum, nanoparticles, gluten, synthetic fragrances, or other harmful ingredients, choose our merchandise. You can pronounce every ingredient in our products and find the ingredients on store shelves. The secret is our formulation.

Advantages to Bath Soaks for Sports Players

Whether your son participates in football or chess, intense competition will work up a sweat and cause soreness from tension and intense play. With some sports, like contact games and skateboarding, he might also have injuries. Epsom salts have been known to ease these types of pains and more for hundreds of years. Prep U takes Epsom salts to new heights with our own formulation of essential salts, oils, and more.

During practice and games, your athlete will likely deplete his body’s magnesium stores. He needs this mineral to keep his body functioning at its best, and a low level of magnesium can cause aches, pains, and irritability.

A half-hour soak in an Epsom salt bath can resolve these issues. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and magnesium and sulfate absorbed through the skin can provide relief from pain, soreness, and cramping after overexertion, strain, and intense workouts. The essential oils within the soak eliminate bacteria, fungi, pain, and stink as well.

Track athletes, running enthusiasts, and any other boy with stinky feet benefits from a good foot soak in Prep U Sport Bath Soak. The sulfate within the Epsom Salts detoxifies, and the targeted essential oils within our formulation will kill odor-causing bacteria. The soak will promote healing of his blisters and scrapes while leaving his feet smelling much better.

Every boy mom should keep a supply of Prep U Sport Bath Soak in her bag of tricks. Teach your athlete son early to come home and reach in the bathroom cupboard for a packet of bath soak before he reaches for the bottle of OTC pain reliever. Natural cures are far healthier, without damage to the body in the long run. One half-hour soak will make him a lifelong believer in the power of our cure.

Alongside his bath soak, offer our full line of products, from Natural Deodorant to Body Spray, Blem Pens, Active Dry Powder, and more.

The best sports bath soak comes in packets of Prep U Sport Bath Soak. We offer all-natural hygiene and self-care products meant for tween and adolescent males to develop healthy, lifelong habits of personal care. For more info, reach out online.


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