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Resource - Best Deodorant for Teens

Teens stink; it’s a key feature of puberty and deserves the best deodorant available to fight it. Prep U brings out the power of nature in its products, including the perfect deodorant for all the smells the teen years bring.

Prepare Early

The precise time that your son will first need deodorant is impossible to predict. It could be as early as 8 or 9 and as late as 14. One thing is certain, though. You will know when your nose knows. Considering how hard it is to teach and establish routine, it’s always best to start stink training early!

Imagine the embarrassment that your son will experience if he’s ill-prepared and heads off to school without realizing how terribly rank he is. As parents, we should look to the future and prepare him for this inevitable fact of life with appropriate habits and effective products.

Having the Conversation

Most parents strive to keep channels of communication open. Unfortunately, puberty is a time when many children begin to feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings, their bodies, and pretty much anything else. Expect one-word responses, but take the time to explain puberty and what should be expected.

The introduction of deodorant can actually be a natural way to begin the conversation about puberty. Remember to be straightforward and approach the situation as a natural step in development rather than a surprise. Just because you’re not thrilled doesn’t mean you didn’t know it was coming.

During this conversation, parents should emphasize body autonomy. It’s ultimately an individual responsibility to eat right, exercise, monitor health, and otherwise take care of our bodies. From that point, you’ll be able to explain sweat, body odors, and the need for appropriate hygiene, including the use of deodorant.

If your son doesn’t have an established hygiene routine that he respects and follows, you need to instill one. Emphasize the importance of washing with soap, changing clothes daily, and using deodorant. Once your son understands that he can prevent the unpleasant smell, he will likely embrace the process.

At this point in the conversation, present him with Prep U deodorants and other products you choose. Our entire line of products is made with all natural ingredients and meets the needs of tween and teen boys.

Prep U Aluminum-Free All-Natural Deodorant

Deodorants and antiperspirants are two distinct products; deodorant covers the unwanted scent, and antiperspirant prevents the sweat glands from functioning. Antiperspirants contain aluminum that clogs up the sweat ducts and stops sweat. Since aluminum has been linked to health risks, many parents prefer a deodorant-only product.

Prep U Natural Deodorant is intended for use by tween and teen boys. Our formulations don’t include chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Instead, we employ a bevy of natural ingredients including essential oils, moisturizers, and known antimicrobials. When your son uses this product, he will still sweat because it’s not an antiperspirant, but he will smell like citrus mint instead of funky boy.

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant is another Prep U product. It contains activated charcoal that detoxifies the skin of bacteria that causes odor along with the other hard-working natural ingredients of our natural deodorant.

The best deodorant for teens is all-natural, effective, and affordable. Prep U deodorants fit the bill, and if you’d like to order or learn more about them, check us out online.

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