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Best Deodorant for 12 Year Old Boy

Consider the best deodorants for 12-year-old boys from Prep U. Our products are designed to guide them through the transitional years between toddler and adult, while introducing personal hygiene into their daily lives.

Prep U Products was launched in Austin, TX, by founder and CEO Michelle Houp, mother of two active boys, who was seeking all-natural, high-quality personal care products for boys ages 8-17 that could guide them through the transitional years between toddler and adult.

Prep U was the winner of the 2018 Eco-Excellence Award for Best Skincare for Kids. The Eco-Excellence Awards™ recognizes excellence in social and environmental sustainability for products, services, companies and websites.

Ingredients to Look For

Always read product labels when choosing deodorant for your kids. Avoid deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, and other ingredients you probably won’t be able to pronounce.

  • Shea butter: Shea butter is the ivory-colored fat that comes from the nut of the shea tree in Africa. It’s loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, phytonutrients, neutral fats, and fatty acids, It’s great for skin, won’t clog pores, and helps eliminate the odor-causing bacteria that can build up under the arms.
  • Arrowroot powder: Arrowroot powder is a starchy substance that is extracted from the root of a tropical plant. It is an excellent substitute for cornstarch for anyone with corn allergies or sensitivities and is great for keeping underarms dry.
  • Beeswax: Beeswax is, as the name suggests, a natural, purified wax from the honeycombs of honey bees. It is a skin conditioning agent we use in our deodorant to reduce moisture loss.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin coconut oil is a plant-derived fatty acid oil that’s extracted from the rich white lining (or meat) of coconuts. It has amazing moisturizing properties.
  • Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is a liquid wax that is extracted from the nut of an indigenous North American shrub. It lubricates and waterproofs the skin without leaving behind an oily residue.
  • Essential Oils: While most deodorants contain synthetic fragrances to keep you smelling nice throughout the day, good deodorants for teens contain essential oils instead. These oils are extracted from plants, are 100% natural, and some of them have antibacterial properties that will fight odor before it spreads.

Prep U Natural Deodorant is made for tween and teen boys. We use a combination of essential oils instead of chemical agents to fight armpit odor. And, because we make all of our products with organic and wholesome natural ingredients, the deodorants will not only fight odor and wetness, but will do it while maintaining the integrity of your son’s skin.

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant is designed for sensitive skin. Adding activated charcoal helps to draw out and absorb odor-causing bacteria and toxins. It’s also great at keeping your teen’s underarms dry and odor-free without the use of aluminum, parabens, or other potentially harmful ingredients.

If you have been searching for the best deodorant for your 12-year-old boy, look no further than Prep U products that are tough on odors while featuring natural, chemical-free ingredients and essential oils. Contact us online for more information or answers to any questions you may have.


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