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Guy tested, guy approved. Prep U is the personal care brand of choice for young men.

Resource - Best Body Wash for Teens

Best Body Wash for Teens

Teens experience a world of upheaval - physically, socially, and mentally. Their new bodies demand a new approach to hygiene. If you’re looking for the best body wash for teens, voted by, Prep U offers the answer. Whether your son is firmly committed to fresh living or needs a primer in self-care, we offer an ideal product line for his use.

Prep U operates out of Austin, TX, producing products by the batch for the hygiene and self-care needs of males 8-17 years old. Born from the experiences of a fellow mom of boys, Prep U products prepare boys for the self-care necessities of daily preparation.

Just as you instill respect and manners in his speech and behavior, demonstrate the importance of hygiene as a demonstration of respect for self and others. We provide the tools of cleanliness with age-appropriate packaging and scents along with all-natural ingredients for safe hygiene and personal care.

Prep U Body Washes, Soaks, and Soaps

Showers become critical when puberty arrives. Before his body produces stinky sweat and hormones, a cursory scrub and rinse suffices. After, though, teens should wash well, particularly around the armpits, groin, rear, and feet. A cleansing product that works doesn’t have to expose him to hazardous chemicals, though. Prep U offers an entire line of products with no artificial ingredients but plenty of cleansing strength.

The Prep U product line includes no parabens, no sulfates, no SLSs, no propylene glycol, no phthalates, no aluminum, no talc, no artificial fragrances, and no other artificial ingredients. The ingredients used by Prep U are found existing naturally, and our formulations are created without animal testing.

Lead the Teen to Water… and Get Him to Bathe

Convincing teens of the error of their ways requires near miraculous efforts. Consider the following suggestions as you endeavor to draw him to the cleaner side of life.

Apply Peer Pressure

Use that which you fear to your advantage: peer expectations. Just as we teach our children how to behave and speak appropriately in given social contexts, so must we emphasize the importance of hygiene. No one wants to sit next to the stinky kid. As your child becomes interested in romance and his peer group matures, this argument will become quite effective.

Create a Cheat Sheet

As your son develops proper hygiene habits, he might need a little budget. Consider placing a self-care to-do list on his mirror, the back of his door, or another prominent place where he can’t miss it. Make sure to include all of the everyday tasks that we often take for granted.

Individualize His Regimen

We all feel a bit special when we have our own particular products in the bathroom. Prep U has packaging and scents that appeal to young men, and our product line is versatile in use and purpose.

Accept Nothing Less

Bottom line: the necessity of cleanliness for your son isn’t up for debate. As a parent, it’s your job to demonstrate that self care is the low point of expectations. You know his trigger point. Whether you need to take a phone, assign an early bedtime, or refuse a meal, do whatever you must to get him into the shower and come out non-musty.

Parenting is a verb. Prepare your son for his teen years with the best body wash for him: Prep U. We offer several products that will suit a busy teen’s lifestyle and needs without exposing him to dangerous chemicals. To browse our full product catalog, check us out online today!

Wave goodbye to cluttered showers and lengthy routines! With our award-winning 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, favored by teens everywhere, experience convenience without compromise. Simplify your daily routine and enjoy the ultimate refreshment with our all-natural formula.

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