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Guy tested, guy approved. Prep U is the personal care brand of choice for young men.

Resource - Best Body Wash for Teenagers

Best Body Wash for Teenagers

Did you wince the last time you caught a whiff of your son’s BO? Smelly boys are a problem as old as time itself, but it’s not a problem without a solution. Consider the Prep U product catalog to be your assistant coach as you prepare the tween and adolescent males in your household for the battle against body odor, acne, grime, and sweat!

The game plan to overcome the funk is usually pretty simple: hygiene.

The trick is to get him to buy into the importance of preparing for the day with an appropriate self-care routine. If you can provide him with a regimen that doesn’t require much time, smell like a bouquet of roses, or look like products best suited to a much younger or older person, you will have much-needed leverage.

With the right products and the right mindset, you will welcome a much better smelling teen in your household.

Best Body Wash for Teenagers

Once he’s experienced feeling clean and fresh for himself, he will hopefully embrace the process. If not, a conversation about self-respect, respect for others, and the interaction of both with care for self should ensue. Prep U products offer an all natural method for him to prepare for his day, daily. Part of our duty as parents is to ensure that our children don’t offend - with words, actions, or body odor.

Prep U is a personal care product company operating out of Austin, TX. We target all-natural hygiene and personal care products to tween and teen males as they develop an independent self-care routine. Our goal is to help moms navigate the challenges of boyhood successfully.

All Body Washes Are Not the Same

As you walk down the body wash aisle of your local drugstore, the number of options without harmful chemicals are few.

The ingredients of Prep U body wash are natural and known. Our formulations harness the power of plants and essential oils in order to provide washes that will cleanse, detoxify, hydrate, and exfoliate with a fresh scent.

Natural ingredients are much less likely to cause breakouts. Prep U products are approved for sensitive skin by dermatologists. The gentle formulations we produce have no harsh chemicals or common allergens.

Teens of the male persuasion often confuse the effectiveness of a quality shower as equal to that of a strong, chemical-smelling body spray. Instead of overpowering anyone within sniffing distance, Prep U body washes leave the user with a fresh, clean scent, and Prep U also offers a body spray with a clean citrus mint scent instead of a chemical potion.

Prep U Products for Shower and Bath

Plant-based Castile Body Wash

Hydrating 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash with Apple Amino Acid

Soothing Epsom Salt Sport Bath Soak (5pk)

Exfoliating Charcoal Face & Body Scrub with Bentonite Clay and Apricot Kernels

Exfoliating Activated Charcoal Bar Soap with Bentonite Clay - Unscented

The body wash that you choose for your son must work, but the best product available will be good for nothing if he doesn’t use it. Start the preparation process early. With an established routine of preparation and self-care, your son will be ready for the stink to come.

Prep U provides the best body wash for teenagers. Discover more about natural and effective self-care products for the young men in your household by reaching out online.

Wave goodbye to cluttered showers and lengthy routines! With our award-winning 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, favored by teens everywhere, experience convenience without compromise. Simplify your daily routine and enjoy the ultimate refreshment with our all-natural formula.

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