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All-Natural personal care

Guy tested, guy approved. Prep U is the personal care brand of choice for young men.

Resource - Best Body Wash for Teen Boys

Best Body Wash for Teen Boys

The best body wash for teen boys is one that doesn’t expose them to chemicals. Prep U’s premium quality, all-natural body wash is ideal for developing, establishing, and continuing an effective and safe hygiene regimen. Check out our entire line of personal care products for a paradigm-shifting self care experience.

Established in 2017, Prep U has made great headway in the personal care product market for a reason: our natural formulations work well. Our products provide personal care preparation measures for boys 8-17 years of age.

Go Natural

Outside of toxin avoidance, choosing natural self-care products offers healthier hair and skin as an additional benefit. Prep U 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash offers moisture and cleansing strength without putting the protective skin layer in danger. Rest assured that this product will suffice for your son even if he has an issue with greasy hair brought on by puberty, and it’s gentle enough to use on a daily or twice daily basis.

This all-natural product is free of sulfates and parabens, two ingredients that tend to dull and damage hair. His hair will be shinier, smooth, and less damaged, and his scalp will be less prone to damage and hair fall. While you might think this factor won’t matter to him, you’d be surprised, especially if he’s become interested in dating.

Cleanse and Hydrate

Traditional soaps dry out the skin and remove the natural oils along with the undesired grime, sweat, and bacteria. However, this skin-sabotaging approach to bathing is unnecessary. Prep U shower products hydrate and cleanse at the same time. While the products are anti-microbial, cleansing, and detoxifying, they do not damage the natural skin barrier that prevents rashes and breakouts.

Personal care products made of natural ingredients that you can pronounce and recognize won’t put your son in harm’s way like traditional soaps and body washes do. Prep U products will leave his skin and hair healthy and fresh scented without costing a fortune.

A Hygiene Rundown for the Teen in Your Life

You might think that your son has hygiene firmly in his repertoire of life skills. You might also be wrong. Perhaps you should give your son a refresher in self care while providing him with a toolbox full of Prep U personal care products.

First Priority - Showering
A daily, or even twice daily, shower is essential to hygiene during adolescence. Prep U products are age-appropriate, safe, and work well even on sensitive skin.

Any sweaty activity or outdoor play should be followed by a shower.

The shower must include a cleansing product, and washing should cover all of the body, especially odorous areas like the armpits, groin, rear, and feet.


Second Priority - Teeth
Brush and floss in the morning and in the evening - and more often if you have braces or are otherwise instructed.


Third Priority - Clothing
Don’t dig your favorite T-shirt from the laundry bin. Wash your clothes and change into a clean outfit everyday - including underwear and socks. To prevent abundant sweating, opt for loose and breathable fabrics.

Prep U’s product line includes the best body wash for teen boys when cleanliness, moisture, skin protection, and safety are key. Learn more about any of our products through our website or by reaching out with any queries you might have.

Wave goodbye to cluttered showers and lengthy routines! With our award-winning 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, favored by teens everywhere, experience convenience without compromise. Simplify your daily routine and enjoy the ultimate refreshment with our all-natural formula.

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