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Guy tested, guy approved. Prep U is the personal care brand of choice for young men.

Resource - Best Blemish Stick with Witch Hazel and Lavender

Best Blemish Stick with Witch Hazel and Lavender

Clear skin is something all teens want, but maintaining healthy skin requires more work than many, especially young men, are willing to invest. Prep U offers the best blemish stick with natural ingredients like witch hazel and lavender on the market today. Easy to use, convenient to carry, and highly effective, the Blem Pen is a handy tool that may be the ticket to convincing your son to care for his skin.

Prep U develops and produces natural-based hygiene and self-care products for tween - adult males. Our products will help your son navigate the changes puberty brings - from stink to sweat, oiliness, and acne.

Understanding the Causes of Breakouts

Acne comes when pores become clogged by oil, dirt, sweat, and bacteria, and puberty increases them all. An inflammatory response, acne is a cyclical problem that feeds on itself. By handing the young men in your life a Prep U Blem Pen,  you’ll give them a weapon against the inflammatory response and help them resist the urge to pop and pick at blemishes.

Understanding How to Manage Breakouts

As with proper washing, use of deodorant, and other hygiene practices, the time to instruct your son regarding acne is well before his first breakout or experience with body odor. He shouldn’t be blindsided or horrified when it comes. If he knows what to expect and what to do, he’s far more likely to appropriately respond to the problem. When he understands that keeping his face clean will make it less likely that he deal with acne, the odds that he’ll follow through with a suitable face cleaning regimen will increase.

The Power of Witch Hazel and Lavender in the Blem Pen

Witch hazel and lavender within the Prep U Blem Pen are key to the management of breakouts. They both have astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that lessen the likelihood of breakouts as well as minimize the redness and pain when they do occur. Witch hazel also contains tannins that are shown to be effective against bacteria. These two natural ingredients create an environment where acne will not thrive.

The Prep U Blem Pen provides a portable, convenient, and discreet avenue of application and transport for your son’s acne control product.

Additional Blem Pen Ingredients

The Blem Pen’s natural ingredients go beyond witch hazel and lavender. The blemish product also includes aloe vera, spring water, vegetable glycerin, phenoxyethanol, chickweed, cleavers, gotu kola, tea tree, grapefruit, geranium, and coriander. None of these natural ingredients will over-dry your skin or break the protective barrier.

All Prep U products are natural-based, dermatologist recommended, and designed for use by young men developing lifelong hygienic practices. Within our entire product line, you will find NONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • Glycol
  • Phthalate
  • Artificial fragrance
  • GMOs
  • Cruelty-involved production or research
  • Gluten
  • Animal byproducts

If you’re a boy-mom, prepare for what’s coming with Prep U’s line of hygiene and personal care products. The Prep U Blem Pen is the best blemish stick with natural ingredients like witch hazel and lavender. This product can be key to empowering your son with an effective tool that he will use and that you’ll be comfortable with its safety. For more information about any of our products, reach out online through our website.

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