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Resource - Best Bath Soak for Teens

Best Bath Soak for Teens

Every “boy mom” has faced a situation where, after a long day of sports or play, her son has intense pain, sore muscles, and great discomfort. Be ready for these days with the best bath soak for teens, Prep U Sport Soak.

About Prep U Products
Prep U Products, founded in December 2017, offers all-natural products geared toward tween and adolescent males. Our products present boys with appropriate hygiene and self-care practices to carry them through into adulthood.

The Prep U line effectively neutralizes the odors common to active boys. Whether your son is into sports, gaming, fishing, or skateboarding, he needs to learn how to care for hygiene demands early. When you invest in products just for him and reinforce their use, he learns that being clean and smelling pleasant matters!

Most importantly, Prep U products teach these lessons with products that are all-natural and free from any potential toxins.

Pill-Free Pain Relief

Don’t we want our sons to reach for a pack of Prep U sport bath soak rather than an OTC pain reliever? When you know he’s given it his all at practice or at play, make sure that he enjoys a recuperating soak before bedtime. He will enjoy less discomfort, tension, and pain as well as far better sleep.

Our Sport Soak is ideal for easing the discomfort of sore muscles, promoting circulation, and even relaxing leg cramps and growing pains. With a pack or two of Sport Soak dissolved into a tub of warm water, you’ll have an all-natural, refreshing soak that offers multiple health benefits related to recovery and improved performance.

Additional Prep U Personal Care Products

All-Natural Deodorant – Created with stinky boys in mind, Prep U Natural Deodorant employs natural weapons to combat funk. Post-gym doesn’t have to be a punishment for those around him when he’s protected with a quality product like this one.

Body Wash – A body wash doesn’t have to be chemically based to be effective. At Prep U, we believe in natural solutions without any potential toxins. Our body wash is an all-natural Castile soap, rich with plant-based and essential oils to banish B.O. and protect the skin.

Body Spray – Your son’s scent should be clean and pleasant – not stinky and not overpowering either. Instead of the popular, chemical-laden alternatives, choose Prep U Body Spray. Its all-natural properties eliminate bacteria that create odor wherever sprayed. Your son can spray himself, his clothes, his sneakers, and his room without running you out of your home while leaving a refreshing, clean scent in his wake.

Active Dry Powder – Boys sweat, and the sweat stinks. These two facts are incontrovertible, but the solution doesn’t have to introduce chemicals to his skin. Prep U Active Dry Powder applied to his sweat-prone areas will keep him dry and stink-free. You can also apply this odor-eliminating powder to his sneakers, duffel, closet, and anywhere else the stink tends to linger.

Blem Pen – One of our newest products here at Prep U is the Blem Pen. Treat breakouts before they break through with this natural approach to skin care. Your son can use these antiseptic and moisturizing ingredients to treat and prevent one of the most frustrating parts of adolescence.

When the time comes to teach your son about hygiene and self-care, count on Prep U. We’ll provide every product your son needs from an all-natural deodorant to the best bath soak for teens to develop personal care skills.

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