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Prep U has today announced the launch of an all-natural personal care product line for active boys. Designed for boys ages 8-15, Prep U is setting out to reclaim boyhood with a lineup of products formulated to be tough on odors while using safe, natural ingredients and essential oils.

Ready to take on the smells of boyhood, Prep U’s products are also empowering boys with an age appropriate brand and messaging to guide them through the transitional years between toddler and teen.

“As my boys got older I realized there was nothing for them in market,” said Michelle Houp, founder and CEO of Prep U Products and mother of two boys. “Either it was baby products, which my boys wouldn’t touch, or products and brands geared toward a mature, adult audience. From the ingredient lists to the messages and values those brands portray, that wasn’t the world I wanted my sons to grow up in.”

“First and foremost was providing all-natural, high-quality products for parents like myself looking for a better option,” said Houp. “But there was also a bigger mission behind the creation of Prep U, a desire to inspire confidence, cleanliness, independence and honesty in boys when it comes to their personal care and personal development.”

Prep U’s launch begins with a Preseason testing program for two of their all-natural products, Prep U Body Spray and Prep U Active Dry Powder. The Preseason program is offering parents and boys the choice of either product at no charge and asking testers to put the products through the rigors of a typical day. “As parents of boys, we understand the daily, or hourly, struggle of keeping them clean and smelling good. Our products are designed to combat boy stink before, during and after activity and provide parents a better option for how to begin introducing personal care into the daily lives of boys,” says Houp.

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