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How to Use Body Spray

Yep, there’s actually a “right” way to apply body spray. If you don’t want your son offending innocent bystanders either by way of too much or too little body spray, there are a few simple tips to share with him to help get it right.

Before you school him on how to use body spray, however, he should first understand the difference between deodorant vs. body spray. And we may as well explain the difference between a body spray vs. perfume or cologne. Boys are notorious for finding shortcuts…for anything…so he may be wondering, “can body spray be used as deodorant”? Unless he doesn’t have his deodorant handy, body spray should not be used as a replacement to or a substitute for deodorant (but it’s definitely better than nothing). Oh, and if he thinks that he will cover his BO with perfume or cologne, he will have a very unique stench from that co-mingle making matters worse (for everyone).

Deodorant vs. Body Spray
Whereas deodorant, whether natural or charcoal (read more about the difference between these options here), actually helps prevent odor by killing the bacteria that causes it, body spray is more of a cologne-esque body mist option designed to complement deodorant usage, though less overpowering. How we like to think of deodorant and body spray is kind of like the shampoo-and-conditioner combination of body odor. There are some deodorizing sprays out on the market and we'd recommend checking their label before use.  

Body Spray vs Perfume or Cologne
Body spray typically has a lower concentration of scent or fragrance than cologne or perfume. Fragrances or Scents (synthetic or natural) in body sprays or body mists usually only last around two to three hours, whereas colognes and perfumes tend to have much longer-lasting fragrance that can last up to six hours. Additionally, colognes and perfumes are made from more expensive ingredients, making them more concentrated and stronger-smelling than body sprays.


Now, onto those tips.


1. Spray Time = After Shower Time

Body spray is not meant to disguise his lack of hygiene. So, your son should get in the habit of applying body spray after he has showered and applied deodorant. Sure, he can certainly reapply body spray throughout the day as needed, but if he’s only using it to cover up the smell of his body odor, he’ll only get used to smelling like body odor with a splash of scent. Gross.

2. Aim for the Spray Spots

Where to apply body spray is almost as important as choosing the right scent. Unlike deodorant, body spray and shower mist can be applied to various places on his body to help keep him smelling better, longer. The best places to aim for are pulse points: neck, chest, the inside of wrists, behind his ears, and even knees and elbows. We’re not suggesting hitting all those points! Even the mildest of fragrances could become overkill if he’s cloaking himself in body spray. Instead, he should choose a couple of pulse points and give those areas a spritz or two to make body spray last longer. And with Prep U Body Spray, he can spray it on clothes, in gym bags or anywhere else his lethal scent may linger.


3. Find Your Scent

When it comes to the smell of body spray, you’re not looking for a cologne or even “cologne body spray” as these can be too harsh for boys and teens. Instead, seek out a scent that is mild, yet noticeable to help relay freshness for both your son’s body and belongings.

As you may have guessed, we recommend an all-natural body spray that will emit a scent that comes directly from its all-natural ingredients like essential oils. Eucalyptus, bergamot and frankincense all over a gentle scent while also keeping his skin free from chemicals or irritants. You want his body spray to say “stand next to me and breathe in my natural-smelling goodness,” not “make way, my body spray is coming through”!


4. Watch The Clock

Since body spray is not a replacement for deodorant, you can expect most all-natural body sprays to last between 2-4 hours. That’s because they’re formulated with essential oils and without synthetic chemicals which, admittedly, tend to last longer. So, the choice becomes yours: do you prefer a non-harmful, non-toxic body spray that you’ll have to reapply after a few hours or would you rather spray on a bottle full of chemicals just to avoid re-application? I think you know our preference.

By following these simple steps, knowing how to use body spray and how to avoid toxins that can disguise themselves as body sprays, you can help keep your son smelling like he used to when you were in charge of his hygiene. Ah, those were the days.


Information on this site is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Any information on this site is not intended to make claims to any unique individual and/or experience.  

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