Sport Soak

  • For Long Days And Unstoppable Boys.

    Soreness and fatigue come with the territory when you’re giving it everything you’ve got all day long. Our 3-pack, single serve Sport Soak is your go-to for an invigorating, relaxing soak to help forget the aches and pains of a day well spent. Infusing Epsom salt with Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Olive oils, it's the perfect way to end game day or the average day, offering a refreshing, energizing boost that will help restore the energies of youth.

    • Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Olive Oil, Essential Oils of (Bergamot, Frankincense, Lemon, Neem Tree, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus), Vitamin E.
    • Directions: Pour single pack of of Sport Soak under warm, running bath water. Soak for up to 30 minutes.
    • Caution: For external use only. Do not ingest. Ingestion may have a laxative effect. Check with your doctor before use if your child has a medical condition. If rash or irritation develops, discontinue use immediately. Ages 8+.

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The Benefits Of A Good Soak.

While there are no approved therapeutic claims for an epsom salt bath, the benefits of a calming, aromatic soak after a long day are easy to see. From soothing skin to helping muscles relax to providing a quiet moment to unwind the excitements of the day, our Post Sport soak helps boys take inventory of the day's experiences and get ready for their next adventures.

Hand Selected, Naturally Effective.

Our Citrus Mint Post Sport Soak combines high quality Epsom salts, food-grade Essential Oils (Bergamot, Frankincense, Lemon, Neem Tree, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus), Olive Oil and Vitamin E.

Also called magnesium sulfate, Epsom salts are known to help ease pain, reduce inflammation and heal cuts, the holy triumvirate of post activity ailments.

Bergamot oil, from the Bergamot citrus fruit, provides a fresh, cleansing fragrance which is said to help create feelings of relaxation and focus. It is also known for helping to relieve joint and muscle pain, soothe skin irritations and kill germs and bacteria – essential after a long day of play.

Frankincense is a long-established natural hygiene staple, often used to relieve stress and decrease inflammation and pain, making it a natural fit for our post sport soak.

Eucalyptus oil and Tea Tree oil are both antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and decongestant in nature, which makes them ideal for the treatment of muscle pain, cuts and abrasions and congestion or respiratory problems.

Our Post Sport Soak also uses Vitamin E oil and olive oil to provide skin with necessary moisture as well as antioxidants for intense healing. Olive oil also contains oleic acid, which makes skin more permeable and able to hold in necessary moisture.

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