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Active Dry Powder - 2 oz

Prep U Teen Deodorant

What is Active Dry Powder?

Active Dry Powder is an all-natural, talc-free alternative to chemical laden body powders that’s primarily used to help keep you dry and fresh and resistant to chafing.  After showering, simply sprinkle in your hands and gently dust the appropriate body parts/areas.  Works great on your feet and in your shoes as well!

Our powder starts with high-quality arrowroot that has been blended with an appropriate balance of cornstarch, baking soda and kaolin clay along with essential oils to absorb excess moisture and help protect you from chafing and rubbing. 

Check out our blog post on the benefits of this magic dust powder.

Prep U Active Dry Powder All Natural Ingredients and Product Benefits

Why you need this

Guys that play hard need an anti-sweat/anti-friction powder that soothes and protects those areas most impacted by leg-to-leg friction or simply the irritation caused by damp athletic gear.

This powder was created to solve that issue that most guys have, but don't freely admit: nether-region chafing, discomfort, and odor. Whether it’s stinky shoes/cleats, gloves, inside compression pants, our inside protective gear after use (helmets, pads and guards).  We even have customers that sprinkle a little in their closets or bedroom carpet before vacuuming to absorb moisture and eliminate odors.  

Prep U All Natural Teen Clean Hygiene for Teen Guys

In summary...

Active Dry Powder can be used in all of these ways:

- Post Shower
- Post Workout
- Between practices (Think two-a-days)
- Sweaty feet (before putting on socks) 
- Stinky shoes/cleat 
- In gym/equipment bags
- Even use as a dry shampoo! (sprinkle and shake)


Prep U Active Dry Powder Where to Use