The Stink Stops Here.

Welcome to Prep U's Preseason, your opportunity to put our line up of all-natural personal care products to the test in the battle against boy stink. Select your preferred sample product and leave any comments or questions below.

Preseason Line Up

Combining all-natural ingredients with clean, soothing scents, our products offer a welcome relief to the dirt, sweat and smells of boyhood.

Body Spray

Whether it’s emanating from their body, their clothes or the area they were just seated in, our Body Spray is your go-to for getting rid of bad smells. Gentle enough for use directly on skin, powerful enough to tackle sweaty shoes, our spray uses a blend of natural essential oils to wrestle odor causing bacteria into submission, leaving a fresh, invigorating scent in their place. Get tough by going natural on the terrors of boy stink.

Active Dry Powder (aka Ball Powder)

You can’t be at your best when you don’t feel your freshest. Designed specifically for boys, our Active Dry Powder puts the brakes on sweat and friction, keeping sensitive areas cool and dry for maximum comfort during the most rigorous sports and activities. Light and free of talc, our powder quickly absorbs excess moisture, prevents irritation and provides gentle odor protection to help boys stay fresh on game day or a school day.