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Get your skin and scent as dialed in as your routine. Introducing non-toxic skin and body care formulated for all ages of guys.


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Don't believe our word for it.


Best Deodorant Around
"Love this product because it smells great and is EWG verified."

Thomas S.


10/10 Face Care
"The Blem Pen worked wonders! I used it as my acne was starting to build up and they seemed to disappear that night! It was better than all those face wipes and other products that I have tried by a long shot. I highly recommend this product!"

- Noah S.


Smells like heaven
"I know this is meant for guys but I can't get over how great this product smells. Not only does the deodorant work without making my armpits raw like other natural deodorants I've tried but the citrus mint smell makes this the new staple in my toiletry spread."

- Amanda C.


Great Product!
"Great product! Stops pimples in their tracks and is especially effective if you use it before the blemish has become a whitehead."

- Sam


Must Do Prep U
"This hair and body shampoo is a great consistency and cleans very well. Scent is good and not over powering. Skin feels good hair clean first wash, you can reapply if you like, I didn't need to. Good amount of product in the bottle. I recommend this for everyone."

- Nancy F.


Really Works
"I have tried so many acne products and none have actually really worked like Prep U Blem Pen plus it worked really quickly. I also love it’s cruelty free, made in the USA, and is made from natural ingredients. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles with acne."

- AML 225

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | All transactions secured and encrypted

Try it risk-free. Love it or return it!

We’re so excited for you to try Prep U. Once you try all-natural products you will start to feel and see the difference these products make on your skin. If Prep U isn’t for you, we’ll gladly refund your order within 30 days of purchase. We are so confident in our product that if you don’t love it like we do, you can return the product with no questions asked.*

We are passionate about our mission to be the personal care brand of choice for young men. We understand the modern care needs of guys. Prep U empowers guys to take control of their personal care regimen by providing them with ingredient-balanced, all-natural personal care products and thoughtful content that’s as carefully crafted as our products.  

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | All transactions secured and encrypted