Prep U All Natural Teen Clean Hygiene for Guys

The How-What’s-Why’s of truly clean care.

Prep U Teen Clean Hygiene for Guys

What the Prep?!

We are here to set things straight – that you can make all-natural personal care products that really work. You see, the skin is our largest organ and with the changing body of growing guys, we should care as much for what goes on our body as what goes in it. At Prep U, we are committed to clean products that are truly all-natural.

What is all-natural?

When we say it, we mean it. There can be some confusion about what all-natural means. For us, its creating products that are clean – made with ingredients that are free from chemicals, that disrupt hormones, synthetic substances, artificial colors, carcinogens, neurotoxins and the great number of things you can’t pronounce.

Prep U No harmful ingredients

Prep U Teen Clean Hygiene for Guys

See, and smell, for yourself. All-natural, truly clean care with ingredients that make a difference

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Good, clean cleaning goods for guys.

We’ve made a commitment to truly clean and all-natural ingredients. Prep U was started by a real parent of growing guys looking for a way to empower the kids to care for themselves without the negative effects of all those synthetic products. Since our first product launched, we have dedicated ourselves to good, clean goods. And we’ve formulated and reformulated to ensure every product works best and are the goods that these growing guys (and parents) love. 

Prep U Be Good to Your Body
Prep U No Harmful Ingredients

Prep U Teen Boys Personal Care

What works where.

You’ve got a body part, we’ve got the ingredients that get the job done. Check out how to care for Face, Pits, Chest and Back, Crotch (B*tt and B@lls!), Feet, Aches & Pains (knees).

Prep U Teen Clean Hygiene for Guys

Now smell this!

Here are the essentials on essential oils. Hey, by definition, they’re absolutely necessary! Prep U puts just as much effort into finding the scent that’s right for a guy. Certainly you know they can be picky about how they smell even though they have no problem carrying a raunchy gym bag around with them.

Bergamot  / Purifying / Sharp, masculine citrusy aroma that not only uplifts but also acts as an effective antibacterial, anti-fungal, and natural deodorizer.  
Frankincense / Uplifting /  The king of oils.  Helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.
Lemon / Cleansing /  Naturally cleanses the body while aids in digestion and positive mood.
Neem Tree  / Anti-Inflammatory / Inflammatory and anti-microbial fighting properties.
Eucalyptus  / Boost /  Has been known to prevent the growth of germs and protects the skin from infection.