Sept 4th - Sept 11th 2023

9 Brands - 1 Winner!
Over $1000 (Value)

We're thrilled to announce a partnership with a selection of brands we sincerely admire for a fantastic giveaway! A lucky individual will get a bundle of essentials aimed at making their academic year more manageable. This collection will range from personal hygiene items to sleep aids, as a token of our appreciation towards our dedicated customer base.

This giveaway is open to all residents of the United States. Increasing your social media activity can significantly improve your chances of winning. An email entry is required (you only need to enter 1x via email), but remember, the more you engage on social media, the more entries you accumulate!

Here's how to participate:
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This giveaway is only available to US Residents ONLY!
Winner will be selected on Sept 12, 2023 and notified via email.

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$100 Value
Prep U Products

Our products are a testament to the power of nature, combining potent ingredients that work in harmony with your body. We believe in transparency, quality, and most importantly, celebrating what makes you uniquely you. At Prep U, we're not just about personal care - we're about empowering the next generation of men to take charge of their health and wellbeing.


Winner will receive: $100 Digital Gift Card to be used at prepuproducts.com


$120 Value

SWIFF's patent-pending formulation stops odors before they start and prevents odors for a ridiculously long time by targeting the root cause. We are the longest-lasting odor protection product on the market - perfect for killing and stopping odors on clothes, shoes, gear, pet beds, undies, towels, and more!


Winner will recieve: 5 SWIFF's


$250 Value

No time for a shower? No Sweat. Leave your sweat at the stadium with Wash Yo Self Wipes.  

Made with aloe vera and witch hazel extract to give you a clean, cool, refreshing boost after your workout or game.

Individually wrapped wipes


Winner will receive: $150 gift card to WashYoSelf.com, 50 wipes, gym bag, motivational bracelets


$175 Value
Manta Sleep

SOUND+ Deep Sleep Bundle: Instantly relax all of your senses for the deepest sleep ever.

Includes these best-selling products:

  • Manta Sleep Mask SOUND — the most comfortable Bluetooth® sleep mask in existence
  • Manta COOL Eye Cups — freezable eye cups to soothe the eyes and sinuses
  • Manta AROMA Dots: Variety Bundle — the instant, aromatherapy add-on for any Manta mask


$80 Value
Brix or BrixXL Soap Case

Your ticket to hassle-free and mess-free travel with your favorite bar soaps, solid shampoos, and shave soaps! Whether on a work trip, at a gym session, a hotel stay, or an exciting adventure abroad, Brix is engineered to eliminate the hassle and mess of traveling with bar soap.


Winner will receive 4 units of their choice in color and size. The winner can choose to get the preproduction units now, or wait until the final production units go out for Kickstarter in December. Either way, you get your Brix units totally free...you just choose the time.


$100 Value
Pride Socks

We sell apparel that spreads love, pride, recpect and inclusion. No gesture if too small to change the world and together we will change the world from the feet up.


Winner to receive $100 digital gift card to be used at pridesocks.com


$100 Value

At FATCO, we specialize in making Natural & Organic personal care products using tallow (aka rendered beef fat) from grass-fed, pasture raised, happy cows! Tallow is extremely nourishing & nutrient dense, and is healing for skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis. We also carry a full line of Cleansing Oils and Deodorants, thus offering products for everyone in your family!


Winner will receive $100 gift card to be used at FATCO.com


$100 Value
Tough Finish

The most spacious basketball backpack on the market! Includes a drawstring ball holder, a top compartment for sweaty clothing, vented shoe pockets, and an expandable bottom.


Winner will recieve Tough Finish True Hoopers Kit consisting of a Tough Finish Backpack, short sleeve tee and long sleeve tee (Tough Finish will reach out to the winner to ask for sizes).


$115 Value
WIN Detergent

THE BEST SELLING ACTIVEWEAR DETERGENT. WIN is specially engineered to restore stretch fabrics, brighten colors, and remove workout odor from microfiber fabrics, synthetic fabrics, and technical fabrics.


Winner will receive $100 Amazon Gift Card

+ 1 Bottle of WIN


Giveaway Details:
Sweepstakes entry closes at 11:59 PM CST on Sept 11, 2023. See Terms & Conditions.