The idea for Prep U came from a frustrated parent of two smelly sons (aren’t they all) who couldn’t find an answer for how to get them clean without protests from the boys over using “baby” products or them smelling like a couple of frat boys on their way to a party. Surely if her family was frustrated by the lack of age appropriate personal and body care options for her sons, other parents of boys were facing a similar predicament.

Inspired by active tween and teen boys, Prep U offers a suite of safe, effective and age appropriate body care products designed specifically for the boys who turn any activity into a contact sport.

Clean, Fresh And Smell-Free.

Our suite of safe, effective and age-appropriate personal and body care products are the perfect antidote to smells of boyhood, offering parents natural, quality products they can trust and kids a line of products that celebrates their growing independence.

Boy Tested, Parent Approved

The development of our body care products has been anything but "Adults Only". From the outset we've worked with our own sons, their friends and other boys in the community to ensure that Prep U is a reflection of their desires and concerns as well as those of us parents.

From testing fragrances and product formulations to joining our ranks as illustrators, creative directors and brand ambassadors, our team of Prep U All-Stars has made their mark on our products, our philosophy and our mission to help boys be boys.